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Kindly be informed that JSC "ZVEZDA" is allowed to sell its civil products directly to foreign customers through our main office in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Meanwhile please note that navy products supply is implemented through Rosoboronexport State Corporation. For further information please contact our sales Office. E-mail:

All products of JSC "ZVEZDA" are accompanied by quality brand name certificate, confirming its compliance with Russian standards and manufacturer's technical specifications. Each certificate is individually numbered, includes the name of the customer, the contract number and a list of purchased products, the seal of the technical control department and holographic security features.


80th anniversary of JSC "ZVEZDA"

In 2012, Joint-Stock Company "ZVEZDA" is celebrating its 80th anniversary. For eight decades, taking challenges and celebrating general victories, "ZVEZDA" has been working to the benefit of Russia's defense capability, develops and improves itself together with the country. Thousands of employees contributed to development of the company. A number of dynasties, children and grandchildren continue the development of domestic diesel-engine production, which their fathers and grandfathers started, at JSC "ZVEZDA". We are pleased to announce that "ZVEZDA" factory has to its credit by this memorable date not only rich experience, advanced production facilities and a stable team of professionals, but also the ambitious tasks of creating new products under the Federal Target Program "Development and Organization of Production of New-Generation Diesel Engines and their Components in the Russian Federation in 2011-2015".

"ZVEZDA" factory: from production of tanks to diesel engines..

"ZVEZDA" diesel factory was founded in Leningrad in 1932 based on Mechanical Engineering Department of the oldest enterprise in the country - "Bolshevik" plant (now "Obukhov plant") and initially specialized in manufacturing of tanks. The history of production of diesel engines begins at "ZVEZDA" factory from April 1945, when release of major marine engines was organized for Naval combat boats. In the early 60s, a mass production was launched of brand-new ultra-light, powerful star-shaped diesel engines of series ChN 16/17, having no analogues in the world; that was the reason for assigning "ZVEZDA" (STAR) name for the company. For many years, activity of the enterprise was closely connected with needs of the country's defense industry. Star-shaped marine engines of "ZVEZDA" played a decisive role in creation of high-speed fleet of the Russian Navy, as well as fleets of several foreign countries.

Celebration of JSC "ZVEZDA" anniversary

By the festive date, a commemorative book will be released, which tells about the history of the company, the most prominent persons in company's life, the current activities and prospects of the factory.

On 20th February 2012, to commemorate the anniversary of the factory, honored and honorable employees of JSC "ZVEZDA" made a solemn can